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Vintage Chronograph service includes visual inspection under high magnification,  disassembly,  L&R ultrasonic cleaning, installation of a new mainspring, proper oiling, and adjustment and calibration on a Vibrograph B300 watch timer. All parts and mainsprings are an extra charge on top of the watch service fee.  I can give you an aproximate estimate,  but it will not include part prices or any additional work that might be needed once the movement is disassembled. Please email using the link at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to include photos.


A non-refundable minimum fee of $75 is charged for evaluation and estimate.  This fee will be applied towards the repair of your watch if I proceed with the service/repairs. An approximate repair time will be given, however due to the nature of antiques there is no way to guarantee an exact return date due to unforseen circumstances.  This can include special order parts, rare parts and custom fabrication/repairs to your movement.  Every effort is made to return your watch to you as quickly as possible.  


Terms and conditions will apply to the repair including warranty.  All terms and conditions will be emailed to you before repairs are started. I focus working on mechanical hand winding chronographs with Landeron, Venus, Valjoux and Universal Geneve movements.  I may work on others as well but you will have to email me and I can let you know.


I do not discuss repairs over the phone due to the shop[ time it takes. All communication is done through email.  This provides a written record of everything that has been done to your watch.  



Breitling Premier Before Restoration
Breitling Premier Before Restoration
Breitling Premier After Restoration
Breitling Premier After Restoration